Achieving Your Pet’s Summer Body Goals

A number of my clients have seen their dog’s bodies change as a result of COVID lockdowns. Some have had extra time to walk their dogs and their dogs have trimmed up– great! But for many, there has been extra time at home which has only encouraged pet owners to dole out too many treats. Even before the pandemic, pet obesity was considered an epidemic, with超过一半(!!) of the dogs in the USA overweight as of 2018.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help your pet stay in a healthy body condition this summer.

  1. 它并不总是关于食物

当你的毛茸茸的朋友在你的腿上靠在你的腿上并深受盯着你的眼睛盯着你的眼睛 - 他或她不一定是寻求食物,你的宠物正在寻求一个有益的互动。而不是一个饼干,给他们关注和感情,一个带有玩具的拖船,扔球,甚至走一点点 - 无论你的日程安排,生活方式和宠物的健康和欲望。

  1. Low-cal options

当然,有时候真的是一种治疗他们after. When that’s the case, try a low-calorie option. Fruits and vegetables make great treats for dogs – green beans, cherry tomatoes, cubed pumpkin, sliced cucumber, you name it. They are high in water content, making the calories very diluted, and are often packed with fiber that provides bulk. You can try freezing carrots to make pup-sicles, or blending vegetables with water to make a healthy smoothie. Try filling hollow toys with the smoothie and freeze for a long-lasting, yet satisfying low calorie snack.

  1. 谜题和玩具

Like the smoothie-filled toy idea above, lots of ways exist to make treats and meal times more interactive and longer- lasting, which may reduce begging behavior. Ditch the bowl and try feeding their daily food allowance as a training treat. Getting them to ‘work’ for their food will increases satisfaction and is a boon to training and fostering that human-animal bond.

But what about our furry friends who have already put on a few pounds? A few tricks are out there that help to get the weight off. Bear in mind that if your pet is more than 10% overweight, a more strict regime is required and you’ll need to coordinate a plan with your family veterinarian.

  1. 不要过度喂养

究竟是什么构成过度灌注?如果您按照包装上的说明,但您的宠物正在增加体重,that’s overfeeding. The feeding recommendations on bags are geared toward pets who need the most calories to maintain their weight. Pets, like people, are individuals, and there’s no one-size-fits-all recommendation for food; some may require more than the standard recommendation and some may require less. You probably have a friend who only has to read a label to gain weight and you probably have a friend who can eat anything and stay thin. Pets are no different. We can make general recommendations for the average dog, but your dog might not be average. The following table offers guidelines for typical energy requirements for dogs of a variety of sizes:

Dog weight 每日卡路里要求 / 4.5kg 260 - 390千卡
20lb / 9kg 435 - 650千卡
30lb / 13.5kg. 5.9.0.– 890 kcal
40lb / 18kg 730 - 1100 kcal
50lb / 22.5kg. 865 - 1300千卡
60lb / 27kg. 990 - 1500千卡 / 32kg 1130 – 1700 kcal

For a recommended caloric requirement specifically for your dog, speak with your veterinarian.

  1. Exercise

如果你曾经尝试过减肥的你知道frustrating. The pounds don’t just melt off, and they can come back very easily. To help our furry friends get back in shape, once you’ve reduced their calorie intake down to their appropriate intake (but no lower!) you can increase their exercise to burn off stored energy, a.k.a. fat. Unless we’re using a veterinary therapeutic weight loss diet, we don’t want to restrict their intake below meeting their maintenance requirement, as we don’t want to risk restricting essential nutrients. We can provide their essential nutrients by feeding them their maintenance requirement, but increase their energy expenditure to burn off those calories. This approach is appropriate for dogs who are minimally overweight, have a9中有6个body condition score, and have no underlying issues (like arthritis or an injury). If you have concerns about increasing exercise, speak with your veterinarian. Many low-impact exercises exist that can be used to support weight loss with guidance from veterinary physiotherapists.

  1. A Weight Management Diet

虽然重量管理食品没有设计用于热量限制,但它们有助于防止肥胖的狗的体重增加。例如,Halo的Adult Dog Holistic Healthy Weightand素食主义者成人狗整体庭院稀释卡路里,减少脂肪,纤维较高。这些食物旨在为狗提供他们所需要的所有营养素,并帮助他们更饱满的营养素。他们是以前超重的狗的伟大选择,并且有可能再次获得体重的风险;还适用于风险的品种。


Dr. Sarah Dodd

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